Quarterly Short Story!

Assalam alaikum!

I’m told I give the very best hugs. 

Every three months, I’d like to send you a hug in the form of a short story. In it, a Muslim woman will get into trouble. Hopefully get out of it (though not always). She will be loved (though not always well). She will be happy, sad, sorry, joyful. She will be messy, funny, sometimes beautiful, sometimes not so much. She will just be. And if she wears a hijab and there happens to be a white man around, heaven help us, it will stay on. 

Subhanallah, this is one of my major pet peeves. I even did a Tiktok about it. 

(There are not many – or any – white people in my stories, as you can see.)

In lieu of a real honest-to-Allah tight hug, this is the best thing I can give you.

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